My reasons are somewhat similar, but different than those in this clip.
1. I am afraid I'll come off as too pushy and end up pushing people away from the gospel.
2. I am afraid people will be insulted.
3. Some people who don't have a personal relationship with Christ are so cheerful. I'm somewhat gloomy and deep in thought most of the time. If people see Christianity as what I display, I don't think they would want it.
4. I don't want to make a false convert by not presenting the whole gospel or lead people into believing that the Christian life is all sunshine, rainbows, and daisies.
5. I don't know how to respond when people say that they don't have time to pray or read the Bible. My cousin told me that he believes in Jesus, but he just doesn't follow Jesus. I think that's the case with most people I know.
6. I don't want to come off as though a relationship with Christ is about following a bunch of rules, but I don't want to leave out that if a person is truly redeemed they cannot live unchanged.
7. Certain people who I've tried to share the gospel with have been ignoring me.

What do you think?

3/29/2009 10:26:34 am

I think this video is very cute. And a bit funny. But true as well -

Your #1 and #2 reasons are mostly the reasons I dont usually preach at people. =]
I see it as, if I live my faith, in a way that God shines through me to the best of my ability - people will see it and it's all the witness they need - if they are led to want to know more - they will ask.
The crowds came to Jesus - He didnt force Himself upon them as far as I see....
Thank you for sharing this! It's very thought provoking for me.

Also - I hope you don't mind that I'm reading and commenting on your Blog - I'm Rachel M.'s friend and saw you on some of her comments and followed the link.... =]

Cami B
4/8/2009 10:01:26 am

I couldn't watch the video since this laptop can't show it I guess, but I do agree with your reasons. Sometimes I think people won't like me anymore for being to pushy, or be offend about what I say. I get terrified at the thought that people think everything will be peachy or look at me & say, "Well your not perfected. You don't have all the answers. Why should I believe you?" But when I really think about it, in the long run sharing your faith with someone can be the best thing for you &/or them. If you get scared & don't tell someone about Christ, what if you never get another chance. what if they die tomorrow? What if they go to Hell. Well I know we shouldn't live by the "what if"s but in sharing your beliefs, I think that it can be necessary in motivating people. I really think it's better to share your faith & lose a friendship or offend someone than come to the end of your life (or even somone elses) knowing that you could didn't tell them but you could've potentionally saved their spiritual lives. Even if you didn't get them to believe in Christ, it is possibly that you implanted a seed in them. Which is better than nothing.


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