I'm without a track, I'm like a train

Direction I lack, a flightless plane

I want a chance to try

to try and to fail and to try again

I want a chance to fly

to fly and fall, but to fly again

I want to be your friend

to be your friend, and let you down

but to have another chance

3/23/2009 09:15:13 am

I like this! It expresses something I often feel but sometimes don't put into words very well.

Oooh no way do I think it necessary to learn the hard way about everything! I think we all make enough mistakes without knowing better -- there's no excuse for doing something we know is wrong just for "the experience"! I have some friends who think they need to, and same thing, they're getting themselves into quite a mess. You inspired me to write another blog on the topic, it got pretty long, too, hehe!

As far as Twilight goes, I think it's pretty sick in its own innocent little way. A lot of really young teens are reading it and getting very glamorized with vampires as a whole, and older kids too, who should know better. It's one thing to read a book knowing that there's some not so great stuff in there and being discerning about what effects you. It's another for wanting to "be a vampire" to become normal and cool, and that's the effect these books are having, I believe. It's like Harry Potter. Sure, everybody's so excited about how well written they are or how neat the plot is. But they are being used to make witchcraft and the like not only acceptable, but desired. I think those kinds of fictional books have already been pretty destructive morality wise in the lives of young people.

Cami B
3/28/2009 02:57:09 am

I agree with Rachel. Twilight has (as stated by my parents) taken the lives of many normal people & making them think that vampires are real & even "cool" and they want to be like that. They want to be immortal, to live forever. To be seemingly invincible to the "natural" world around them. My best friend Sam truely believes that vampires exsist & I think it is destroying her (along with alot of other things), preventing her from finding the love of God and what can truely make her invincible & let her live forever! it's maddening to see people fall into this culture. I think even people with great intentions & knowledge of the "bad stuff" can fall & start believing all that the twilight books have to offer.

3/28/2009 12:56:52 pm

If I could just jump in here, into this Twilight conversation - I would say - that I agree completly that the books have made far too many people go FAR toooo FAR out there. Being obsessed about anything is detramental, but to be obsessed with fictional charactors and/or vampires - is even worse!
Reality and fiction should not be mixed together - it has bad effects - which leads to my thinking that it goes along with "tell me what you read, I'll tell you what you are."
I would be the first to tell you that S.Meyer is one of the most promising writers of our time, I beleive, but her books - even though I see their good points, promoting abstance before marriage, compassion, loyalty and making the best of what you have been given in life - do those good points out way the rest?.... I'm still debating that fact with myself and a friend of mine just came to me asking a second opinion on whether or not he should read the books - I told him how I felt about the books but also told him not to let how I view the books to sway him into reading them or not.
I dont want to be responsible for someone else's obsession if it should turn into that -
Does that go to say - I shouldn't have read the books at all - so I wouldnt even have an opinion on them - perhaps thats being "unopen" and ignorant about a subject - but I'm more and more thinking that that is a correct way of thinking -for myself atleast.
Jesus didnt exactly have to commit adultry to preach against it.


God bless.


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